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How to cope with wet weather on your Wedding day.

In our great country where the weather is so very changeable  it’s best to plan and accept that there’s a chance of a passing shower. So if the weather means it’s all indoors or umbrellas and wellingtons all round, don’t despair! There’s been a fashionable swing  towards colourful wellingtons of late, especially at country weddings. Where one has to get between the marquee and the loos what could be more sensible than these for the 120 yard dash between your pudding and the portaloo! From experience flooring is very important if you are going for a tent based Wedding, check out with the venue what, if any, flooring they provide. Is it suitable for downpours; guests with sodden feet will not be happy campers. Also check out do the tents/ marquees have closing side flaps. Eating a mushroom based short pastry dish with horizontal rain hitting you in the face isn’t much fun. On a photographic note most venues posses at least one good place inside where good photos can be taken, so all shouldn’t be lost on that front. If it’s a bad weather Wedding it doesn’t mean it’s a bad Wedding at all, in some bizarre way it will be more memorable, something to look back on with a sigh and a smile. After all you can’t do anything about it so keep your fingers crossed and your eye on the Met Office web site (by far the most accurate site).  And even if it’s wet the chances of a complete washout are slim. Buy some umbrellas, good luck.

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